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Consultation in Bioscience

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The service Bionautit provides for its clients is based on solid research experience, we utilize this knowledge in our problem solving methodology.

One of our aims is to help our clients improve their research activities with both present and future considerations in mind.

Bionautit provide scientific research and consultation services

Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.

Bionautit organises lectures and teaches courses in biology, microbiology and molecular biology.

Microbiology courses and teaching content may include subjects such as Principles of Microbiology, Molecular Methodology, Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology. The courses are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of students and participants, and Bionautit will provide comprehensive guidance and clarification on all course contents.

The lecture delivery is centred around visual material and illustrates learning concepts with relevant, real life examples. This ensures that the subject matter is easier to follow and understand and helps students relate academic principles and method to the real world situations. As part of any given course, Bionautit can also supervise laboratory practicals at the client's premises.

Micro- and molecular biology packages for laboratory personnel

Supplementary training is provided for students to introduce the latest developments in micro and molecular biology, this can include anything from DNA and RNA technology to modern theoretical and practical application. Training related to laboratory safety is also included.

Micro- and molecular biology packages for biology lecturers

Courses are also available for teachers and focus on both cutting edge research and routine investigation. For example, bacteria sampling from natural water sources and identification using DNA-based methods. Using the additional knowledge gained from these courses, teachers will be more able to express the value of microbial research and technology to students and emphasise the importance of biological scientific advancement and the vital role it plays in the development and sustenance of life around the whole world.

Micro- and molecular biology teaching packages for school students

Customised packages are available for school aged students. Typically, these consist of a two hour module, where children are taught the basics of microbes and how they are studied. This package is more practically inclined and offers young students the opportunity to examine microbes through a microscope and experiment growing microbial cultures in a laboratory environment.