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The service Bionautit provides for its clients is based on solid research experience, we utilize this knowledge in our problem solving methodology.

One of our aims is to help our clients improve their research activities with both present and future considerations in mind.

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Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.

Scientific publication and investigation form an important part of Bionautit's core functions. The Bionautit team have contributed to many respected and recognised international publications and syndicates, as a result, their work has been recognised in both popular magazines and respected scientific journals alike.

This section covers some of the publicly available material developed and written by Bionautit's team. These articles concentrate on various aspects of science, and many of them are specifically targeted at raising awareness of particular topics.

One of the benefits of publishing in a specific field is increasing sponsorship revenue for projects and attracting new sponsors. In this respect, the publishing work undertaken by Bionautit can help in securing additional and new revenue streams for potential clients.

The Bionautit team can help you publish and submit reports, articles and other types of published material to relevant and respected sources. Feel free to contact us for more information about publishing in the scientific world and how we can help you spread your message and reach new people.