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Consultation in Bioscience

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Helsinki Challenge team Lab Impact Africa


In developing countries inadequate laboratory facilities and lack of trained personnel form a serious stumbling block for sectors that use microbiology laboratories for research, monitoring or commercial purposes.

Find out more about how Bionautit influences and improve the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Bionautit team member working in Kenya

Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.

Helsinki Challenge team Lab Impact Africa

Science based competition and idea accelerator http://challenge.helsinki.fi/ .

The Helsinki Challenge aims to spur science-based innovations and ideas of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The ultimate goal is to create solutions for both grand challenges and the future of the welfare state.The evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Impact
  • Solution focused
  • Science based.

The Helsinki Challenge competition has two stages. Ideas are evaluated by a jury at the pre-selection stage and by a jury in the final phase. Bionautit are among the 20 semifinalists with the Lab Impact Africa team.


Science provides a platform for radical innovation. Reaching the top requires extraordinary thinking, the questioning of received wisdom, it also leads to new practices and global encounters. This is how something completely new can be born. Multidisciplinary cooperation between independent parties leads to ideas that have genuine creative power, and the ability to make a difference in society. Something always has and always will spring from collaborations between the science community, industry, policy makers, the media, the public sector and alumni; it is a prerequisite for our vitality. This is why the University of Helsinki is looking to further increase cooperation with associated bodies and individuals interested in the development of something new.

The Helsinki Challenge is looking at both global challenges and the future of the welfare state based on ideas that meet the five requriements.

Read more: http://challenge.helsinki.fi/about