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Consultation in Bioscience

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Ethical Principles


The service Bionautit provides for its clients is based on solid research experience, we utilize this knowledge in our problem solving methodology.

One of our aims is to help our clients improve their research activities with both present and future considerations in mind.

Bionautit provide scientific research and consultation services

Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.


All activities undertaken by the Co-op Bionautit are based on trust, adnd keeping our promises. During assignments, the Bionautit team's work is conducted in a transparent and accountable fashion. When discussing issues with our clients, we aim to offer the most relevant information to help our clients evaluate and understand our processess, methodology and conclusions. For the sake of professional integrity and scientific impartiality, it is not our policy to accept assignments from competing clients except in cases where all involved parties agree that it is in the combined best interests of the project.


The Co-op Bionautit is a fully independent body. We are not sponsored - either financially or otherwise - by any other organisation or commercial interest. Clients can place their confidence in our work and conclusions knowing that the recommendations we give are not affected by any third party beneficiaries.


In order to further develop and improve the quality of services, workmanship and management activities that the Co-op Bionautit engages in, we adhere to the quality manual based on the ISO9001 standard.

Both as an organisation, and as individuals, we continuously seek to develop our expertise and professional competence. In order to achieve this, members of the Co-op Bionautit regularly share experiences and information with each other, but never to the detriment of our clients or the projects we are working on. We are committed to the highest standards of working and service quality, and reserve the right to decline projects and tenders that may fall outside our areas of expertise. We will, wherever possible, try to advise our clients on the best course of action.

It is imperative to us that we develop a mutual understanding of any project we undertake with our clients, both for the sake of delivering the best possible service and the clearest, most reliable scientific advice.