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Working together is better than working alone.

Bionautit's greatest strength is its teamwork.

A picture of the Bionautit scientific team

Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.

Owen Rowe

Owen Rowe

Owen is an ecologist and microbiologist who has carried out research in various environments: marine – coastal and offshore, freshwater, and terrestrial. His work has explored a range of issues including: diversity, ecosystem function, pollutants, and climate change. Practical approaches have included field, laboratory, microcosm, mesocosm, bioreactor, cultivation and molecular methods. For example he has carried out studies defining environmental stressors and their impact on organisms or food webs, the role and impact of invasive species, the impact of contaminants on ecosystems, and the potential for bioremediation of contaminated environments.

In addition to primary research he has explored sustainable applied microbiological approaches, in particular for the bioremediation of waters contaminated by toxic heavy metals, and also worked with nematodes used for the control of plant pests. The belief that via research it is possible to develop clean and sustainable solutions (often microbial) for the benefit of society and the environment remains a major driving interest.

During his career he has worked in association with industry and stakeholders, planned and executed projects, taught and supervised research students, language edited and reviewed scientific texts, contributed to scientific reports and publications, and developed an extensive network of diverse and skilled researchers in the UK, Sweden, and Finland, amongst other countries. Exploring trends, working with concepts, drawing conclusions, considering inherent weaknesses and offering solutions have formed vital parts of his work.

Feel free to contact Owen Rowe to discuss possible consultancy or research and development solutions Bionautit can offer at: owen.rowe@bionautit.fi.