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Working together is better than working alone.

Bionautit's greatest strength is its teamwork.

A picture of the Bionautit scientific team

Bionautit is a Finnish scientific co-operative venture specializing in providing research and consultancy for scientific projects, primarily in the fields of microbiology and biology.

Marja Tuomela

Marja Tuomela

Marja Tuomela is currently training to become a building health expert (RTA), she hopes to complete her qualification in early 2015. As part of the course she is currently on field practice and is writing her final report on the topic "Formaldehyde in indoor air."

During her time, Marja has gained Master of Science in Engineering in Chemical Engineering, and a Doctorate in Environmental Microbiology. She has specific experience in the microbiological decontamination of land sites, as well as specialist knowledge of composting, organic material decomposition, and water preservation technology. The relationship between her previous work experience and the building health qualification is mainly based around microbial decomposition, but also includes work in the general fields of microbiology and chemical pollutants.

Marja has been on the board of directors of the MUTKU soil investigation and recovery organisation since 2008. As part of her work for MUTKU, she is regularly involved in the NORDROCS conference series.